I can eat gentleness into oblivion and wonder at the pace of death, and the way in which our bodies, minds are littered with real, and the way in which we only have now, and we must grip it, precious.

My body wants to eat, but doesn’t know what to eat, I am left swimming through another day, thinking I know what I’m doing

I forgot to call back, forgot to do the deed that needs to be done, forgot to be the next level of good person.

I start things, and lose track

Like love poems, like healing

I wonder how not to be broken, I’m glad that you are breaking my heart, and I think that we will probably come, hunger knowing

All of us forget so much, I just seem to forget more, and less, unearthing treasures

like when I walked along the river with my family and made up stories

I was good at getting in my head, I practiced it constantly as a child, so when the time came to be present, I didn’t know how. And now I hurt, and crave salty things.

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