hello virgo

[written on Aug. 23rd]

Hello Virgo season! Today the sun entered the sign of Virgo and will be here until Sept. 22nd. I can feel the shift energetically and thought I’d share a bit of my reflections.

Stereotypically Virgo is often associated with work, health, perfectionism, and service among other qualities. Indeed, it is a great time to channel energy into work and health—perhaps finding greater motivation to tackle a project or a self-care practice that’s been percolating for a while. The “back-to-school” energy is certainly in the air, whether it’s back to real school or back to the rhythm of life that got somewhat upended by the tender and transformative waters of Cancer season and the firey pack-in-the-most of summer Leo season. The zodiac aside, there is a way that summer in Minnesota is a bit like falling in love. We yearn for it for so long and initially it feels so good but, by the time the air starts to get a little bit cooler, we start to fantasize about what it might feel like to have our head screwed on properly again. We’d never suggest that we’d want summer to be over, but as August winds to a close, we start to think practically about putting some energy into some other things that might also feel good. Not the type of good that is always synonymous with instant pleasure, the type of good that allows us to be our best selves in the world.

As I have shifted into this season, I have naturally felt myself wanting to both work harder and develop new rhythms to support my health. And yet I’ve been thinking about how so often in our society we do not see hard work as synonymous with health. Rather it’s an either or. We’re either working really hard or we are able to engage as fully as we want in self-care. It can’t be a both/and simply because we don’t have enough time.

Cast in Virgo’s shadow, we look at all we want to be and do, and berate ourselves for a million ways we are not perfect. But cast in Virgo’s light, we can toss the perfectionism associated with Virgo aside and replace it with wholeness. Virgo energy supports us to see and respond to the parts of our lives where we feel motivation to create more wholeness. It supports ourselves to honor that we are sensitive organisms in a symbiotic environment. A slight adjustment to the way we care for our body might have a positive effect on the way we do our work which allows us to be of greater service.

For some us, the way that Virgo energy shows up in our personal astrology may not relate as much to do with work or health, but more relates to our relationships or our home. Again, the question is, how can I, acknowledging all the earthly limitations of being human (like time) nudge this part of my life gently to a place of greater wholeness? And, yet, again the reminder is that we are sensitive organisms. Too big of adjustment, too much hardness and our entire symbiosis can be knocked out of balance.

Summer is still here and we have many days left to enjoy. But our feet are on the ground now. We don’t need to force ourselves to take off running, but we can start to take gentle steps toward where we want to go.

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