fodder for the next four years

Fodder for the next four years human flourishing

Seek out the positive stories

Seek out the stories that aren’t always told

Learn the story of the land you walk on

Spend time in new places


Work to create community where there isn’t any, or much

Eat food that makes you feel fantastic

Read books that open new spaces


Let yourself check out (when it feels right)

Push yourself to check in (when it feels right)


Consider getting involved with [local politics]

Replace [ ] with things that matter in your community


Take breaks from the news, facebook­­ (sometimes lots)

Get outside as much as possible

Smile at strangers

Engage intimately with the way you were socialized


Look deeply into the motivations for doing the things you do

Do what you tell people you believe

Do what makes you feel most alive

Do it all the time


Let your love be fierce

Act out of fierce love for yourself

For others

Vow it won’t be the only time


Make time for unplanned, in-person conversations

With the people you don’t know

With the people you care most deeply about


Complicate your relationship with screens

Don’t give up

Let gentleness permeate everything.