naked mole rat

A naked mole rat
Cowering in a corner
You are unapologetic
And your ugliness
Makes me want to step on you
Saw-dusting your bones

And yet you let your faucet drip
Leaky fears
Just for me, letting our fairy tale slip
Through my fingertips
I fight the wetness
And back you deeper
Into a hole.

I don’t want to accept
That my being stronger
Only makes you smaller
That no rightness or win
Will make you grow

I don’t want to accept
That you couldn’t possibly
Keep me warm
When you don’t have enough hair
Of your own.

I don’t want to burn the books
On our shelves

I don’t want to start
Writing something new

I want you to hold me
Stroke me
But I know that you wont

I know that you need air
But I don’t want to beat
Myself into letting go

So I ask if we could simply
Sit quietly together, let things unravel
You say no
And walk away alone.