new weapons

I’m a non-violent type
The liberal arts educated
Wait where are our tax dollars going
When Bush wanted to go to war
I said “no” type

And yet I have tried every tactic
And every weapon
I have amassed the greatest armies
In a vain attempt to prevent
My own destruction

Some people prefer passivity
but for me, not fighting
was never a probability.

So I tried swords
Support groups
Self-help books
And bayonets

I tried massages
And supplements

I tried therapy
I tried poetry
I tried drugs
And I tried stones

I used radiation
I used meditation
I used B6 bombers
And I used drones

I fought with strength
I fought with valor
I fought with others
(When I could)
But mainly I fought

In the end, I had only
Pillaged my daily promises
Ransacked my new years resolutions
And shamed my soul

I was left only weaker
My despair only deeper
My sense of fragmentation

I could have given up
Dissolved into distraction
But, for me, not fighting
Would have been the greatest

So now I fight with my last
Remaining weapons—words
Words that don’t prevent pain
But miraculously dissolve
Each point of friction

Words admittedly recycled from religion
Spirituality and popular new age vocabulary
Words that lately have gotten a lot of hype
But frankly, I don’t care if I fit my stereotype
For me, what I’m doing is nothing short of revolutionary.