there is so much i don’t know
there is so much i’ve never seen
and because clouds soak sand dunes
and because it’s all so very fragile
i see the big dipper in the blue sky
leafless trees
the sun with a piece bitten off

he breathes and his chest moves
in and out
his eyes blink
open and close
and with a comb i paint white paint
onto his cheek, red
bald heads, bobbing in rhythm
with too many necklaces on their necks

we take so much comfort in our conformity
all he wanted was someone he could talk to
jagged hands slice joints
like the waterfall that i hid behind and kissed you, freely
exulted, like the world looks from an airplane, thundering
a diamond saw slicing rocks

so when it all explodes, i will be floating
and the little girl in me will be watching
the city sprung, box-like
cigarette after cigarette
and sweat.

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